Friday, November 19, 2010

"Vance's Locker Life" - Latest Story by Barry Mattison

"Vance's Locker Life"

Vance has been bullied and pushed around all through his school years. Small, different, and gay, he has been a target of the school "jocks" as well as many of the girls and their cliques for too long. Emotionally and physically he is slowly being pushed to the edge and doesn't know how to handle everything. Even his mother has given up after moving him for several schools and is beginning to ignore him, adding to his emotional problems. 

The last straw was when someone put some false things on the internet about him. Seeing only one way out he prepared himself to make them all pay for what they'd done to him. They'd be sorry when he was gone. There was only one problem.

This new transfer guy.  What did he want? Why was he so interested in what was at Vance's house?
by Barry Mattison

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