Sunday, October 31, 2010

Human Rights Campaign claim Congress is polarised -

Human Rights Campaign claim Congress is polarised -

This article really pisses me off about our congressmen and women. The double standards that exist within the Congress, and our society, and sexual identity, morality, and simply put, what's right and wrong are so far off-base, yet power and money can cover up a lot of "indiscretion." How is it these Congressmen can have covert mistresses that we pick up the tab for and get away with it, abuse their powers and not represent the constituents who elected them but vote according to how much money they get from special interests, and as this article shows, change their agenda and views at a change of the wind. Even President Obama, who vowed to get rid of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy has backed down and been caught up in Washington politics. By reversing the judge's order to end the policy, he has probably forever closed the opportunity to overturn this policy backed by a homophobic few in the military who control the majority of the money spent by this country and accept most of the money on behalf of the war mongering GOP machine. What a joke this country has become! No wonder our kids hate their parents and most everything they represent. It is hard to fight bullying in schools when it starts, exists, and is practiced by the country's top leaders. Maybe the Mayans are right and 2012 will change the world...obviously we've made a complete mess out of it through greed

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