Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday Watercooler: Bachmann is now the face of the GOP | 365gay.com

I think, most likely along with a lot of other Americans, that this has gone on long enough. Why is the media giving her such validity, especially in light of her husbands problems, her anti-gay, and her hateful views of anyone who doesn't agree with her views, as twisted as they are?

Michele Bachmann embodies the spirit of a hateful, make the rich richer, anti-gay, hypocritical, anti- equal rights (except for her and her associates) leader that the Republican party has come to be known for...we get that. In my view she didn't "win the Iowa Straw Poll' in the least bit, as the media seems to be so well painting her as having "won." Won what? The discussion avoided the real issues facing most Americans and instead focused on stupid bickering between her and other candidates. Who is it that is thinking she won this contest? Not me. If she comes into power, only through the lack of Obama's ability to stand on his own and make decisions that are best for the country, we will most likely either see a roll-back into the dark ages of the RC church making the decisions for us, or the richest 1% that run the country now will get richer as the poor get even poorer. Same thing!

I for one am ready to tune out of this business of pre-paid politics and prepare for the revolution that more polls tell us is coming.

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