Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Teen Fights Bullies Like a Washington Lobbyist  | Advance | The Advocate

I had to stop my entering of eBay items to comment and pass on this story. It's a prime example of a young man,Caleb Laieski, who, after being bullied at his school in Arizona and dropping out, decided that being a victim was not for him. He embarked on a hasty round of trips to as many Senators as he could fit in in 22 days...seeing almost 200 of them in the process.

His efforts did not go unrewarded as he was invited to the White House where he met President Obama and even asked for a job. It's too bad that more young people don't get involved in like manner instead of being made to feel inferior, even taking their own life as a result. As you grow older one realizes that life is about choices. But at a young age, those choices aren't always part of their capacity to weigh and make a logical decision. Many of them end their lives at their own hands after the relentless bullying and tormenting taking place in our school systems today. Much of that torment occurs with the sight and approval of teachers and administrators. Hopefully this young man will be the one, with the introduction of a new bill he has crafted, to help put an end to the bullying and suicides amongst LGBTQ and others "different" students.

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