Friday, September 30, 2011

Forrester resume misleads ::

We just blogged on this guy, and now it seems that Senator Forrester is not only misrepresenting facts about the LGBTQ community to the public and on his resume, but has also lied on his website and campaign webpage that he is: a Fellow of the American College of Preventative Medicine (Michael Barry, the executive director of the American College of Preventive Medicine, says Forrester is not and has never been a Fellow of the College), a member of the American Medical Association (an AMA spokesperson says Forrester is not currently a member of the group), and also an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association (but his name does not appear on the associate fellows' list at that organization's website.)

So, not only does this elected official of the people misrepresent himself to his constituents and the public, but he also appears to be a pathological liar. No wonder he couldn't answer gay advocate Michael Signorile’s questions (see previous blog.)

What's more amazing is how long he has been able to keep up his self-made credentials, but that the Republican party and some of the public support him in his recent proposition to place the anti-gay ballot initiative before the people in North Carolina. But, as this discovery (thanks to blogger Scott Rose, a contributor to the GLBT blog Pam’s House Blend) should seriously affect the upcoming ballot vote...or at least it should. We'll see how much he's managed to buffalo his campaing workers and constituents. In the end, it always comes down to this: What Goes Around, Comes Around!

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