Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Google Censoring Google Blogs - I am discontinuing this blog!

Google, under pressure from other countries (purportedly) has decided to implement a new system of censorship with it's blogspot service.

This effectively allows Google to block and censor any blog for any reason beyond the practice of already monitoring and deleting posts that the "powers to be" do not like.

It seems that internet censorship is alive and well and growing under pressure from our government and other countries to monitor and block whatever they consider unfavorable.

Due to this new policy I am discontinuing my blogging and moving to another site where it will not be monitored and/or blocked at the whim of whomever. I will post the link in a few days as soon as I convert to a new blog.

It's unfortunate that Google has taken this approach and caved to political pressure, but it had to happen sooner or later as they have become another greedy,  corporate enterprise with nothing in mind other than to increase profits for self-serving management.

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