Sunday, October 24, 2010

NBC on The Advocate: Another Bullying Suicide?

"Student's family says he complained of bullying after coming out."

This is still happening in spite of all the information out there, the media attention, everything. Something is wrong somewhere and I believe it is in the schools and partly with friends who don't want to "get involved." We've become such a society of "individuals" that nobody wants to help one another unless they belong to their clique, group, whatever you want to call it. Focus has to be placed on the schools before anything and get to these kids who are doing the bullying as well as the kids whoa re getting bullied. Educate each of them, one group is wrong and needs to be held accountable and the other needs someone who will listen to them, watch for the signs, be a friend when no one else will. GET INVOLVED! One life saved is better than one lost!

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