Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preacher: Gay Activists Are "Complicit" in Murder of Larry King |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

Thanks to this great blog site for this info:

Preacher: Gay Activists Are "Complicit" in Murder of Larry King

Unbelievably, now this idiot comes along and say that Lawrence King, murdered by Brandon McInerney in 2008 ,in a classroom in front of his schoolmates, is really responsible for his own deaht. Therefore McInerney had every right as a "normal" person to shoot him twice in the back of the head right in front of these other kids. Well, at least according to:

"Jews-for-Jesus preacher Michael L. Brown (pictured right sporting the obligatory '70s swinger-stache) [who] blames everything from 'gay activism' to anti-discrimination laws to the dead victim himself for the murder of Larry King - the 15-year-old gay boy executed before his classmates by budding neo-Nazi Brandon McInerney. "

This is becoming more than distracting, which is what the "gay-bashers" want. Draw attention away from the responsible parties and direct the attention towards the gay community. All of this rhetoric is so easily believed by these so-called "Christians" because of the dumbing down of our society. One comment made about this article is particularly good:

"you know...we are in such a slippery slope...on one hand we have freedom of speech and the Internet to broadcast our message...on the other hand, anybody can say anything they want to and no one calls them on it.
The media should be blasting these people and making them feel stupid for saying such ludicrous things. and I mean, these people are coming out of the woodwork lately...I can't wait for Gen-X and Gen-Y to get some footing and shut these babyboomers up!!"
Posted by: Paul | Sep 11, 2011 7:36:54 AM

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