Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama administration resuscitates Don't Ask, Don't Tell ban -

Obama administration resuscitates Don't Ask, Don't Tell ban -

Another broken promise...if Congress doesn't deal with this issue this year then it will die again and Obama's attempt to have it "go through the proper channels" will backfire and the policy will remain in force probably until another Court, The Supreme Court, takes on the challenge of making the decision. Left in the hands of politicians it will never change and a major policy of discrimination against gays serving openly in the armed forces will remain in force possibly forever. Recent polls indicate that 75% of the people favor ending the ban, but homophobic "men" serving in the armed forces now and current officers in charge of those men remain steadfast in their determination that it is their right to keep out gays from serving, even though there are many serving now, both closeted and open. It is the one area of our society where discrimination openly is flaunted by a group of BULLIES, leaving scars on those who continue to serve, or want to serve. I think President Obama's Administration is headed down a dangerous road and will lose the election to the GOP because of this decision, leaving us to the next "Bush leadership years" of more discrimination, less rights for Americans, more money for the rich, and the final downfall of the "middle class." This decision could have long-reaching effects and we need to follow it closely.

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