Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anger mounts over anti-gay iPhone app

From Barry:
I don't have an iPhone (yet), but can anyone create an app such as this and distribute it all over the world to perpetuate hate, bullying, more teen suicides, and more anger. I just don't understand why people waste so much time trying to convince others that their point about anything is the right and ONLY one. We're all responsible for our own lives, why waste energy on trying to convince someone else that you are the end all and be all? Get over it! Being gay is NOT a choice!  We cannot be converted! We need to be loved just like anybody else because we are just like anybody else, excluding perhaps the high divorce rates, low incomes, high domestic abuse rates, etc., etc.

We don't go around trying to convert you and "Fix" you--so go waste your time on something else, like raising your own kids so they can contribute to the coming generation without an alcoholic addiction, or teach them not to be bullies and drive other teenagers to commit suicide because of the needless torment. Why not spend time helping at a volunteer shelter for the homeless or for someone with'll soon find out that we are all the same inside. But quit with these kinds of things that serve no purpose other than to generate hate, more violence, more bullying and more teen suicides!

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