Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New York teenager beaten to death in gay-hate party bashing -

New York teenager beaten to death in gay-hate party bashing - PinkPaper.comI

I almost hate to publish these stories these days because we shouldn't even be needing to, but the gay bashing and hate continues to rise it seems in America as the topic of teenage suicide, teen bullying, gay bashing and other gay related issues such as gay marriage are in the news. Sometimes it's it seems like a no-win situation...but it's not and I refuse to give in to these homophobic, hateful, ignorant people who insist on bullying, beating up and -- in this instance -- even assuming someone is gay and killing them. They have been caught and while our justice system still hasn't caught up to the reality of the equality of the law in giving them what they deserve related to other equal crimes because it was "only a gay man" they killed, we must continue to fight for our rights every second of every hour, of every day!
Teen suicide is bad enough but killing someone because they "look" gay is going above and beyond the limits of what is human and what is an animal. I hope and pray that these defendants get the maximum possible sentences for their choice...however I doubt that it will happen in our homophobic society of today that still reaches to the highest peaks of our society. Lord, pray for us all.

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