Sunday, September 25, 2011

I sent this letter to (R) Sally Kern, District 84 of Oklahoma regarding this video conversation:

I know that this will never get to Ms. Kern, however, I still have to voice my opinion as a member of this country in which Ms. Kern's anti-gay rhetoric, along with her "jump on the bandwagon" tactics of the GOP are killing our youth today and tomorrow. As a supposed "Christian" there is nothing in the bible that backs up her mis-statements concerning hating gay people, nor do any polls across this country support her statements that we've "drifted away from the Constitution." Her hate-filled speeches and rantings are those of a bully in the eyes of a young adult who is struggling with gender identity (which almost every young person faces at some point in their young lives) and sets a very poor and misleading example for others that it is okay to bully, murder and hate someone because they are different than her beliefs. She has a responsibility as an elected official of the people in her district to be accountable for her words and actions and must be held to much higher standards than a member of the community. STOP THE HATE and try walking in the shoes of a young person who is being nullied in school. Find out for yourself how much it hurts and destroys their self-esteem. It's time to be held accountable for your actions!


  1. It's so sad to realize that people actually think this way. I am SO thankful that my parents raised me to be open and accepting of everyone.

  2. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these hate mongers. I grieve every time that another teen is lost to bullying as a result of this type of hate-filled rhetoric. I read yesterday that one teenager commits suicide every day due to bullying - so tragic! Thanks to your parents for your positive upbringing, and I hope you spread the word about this issue.


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