Monday, July 25, 2011

Md. Marriage Opponents: We’ll Succeed in a Referendum   | News | The Advocate

Faced with a new marriage equality coalition and a governor who is backing such rights for same-sex couples, some gay marriage opponents in Maryland say they are preparing for a voter referendum should a bill pass in next year's legislative session.

I have a hard time understanding such vehement opposition to equality among people of all colors, sexual orientation, and other minorities. It seems that this is all they have to do in their mundane lives is to push their religious views on others, assuming theirs are the only correct and moral ones. I believe in God personally, but I don't believe that's it's my position to force others through legislation to believe the same thing I do. That's what most of these groups are seeking to do, especially at the moment in Maryland where once again, the issue of same-sex marriage is up for a possible vote. Who gives these groups such permission to set the values for others? Then again, who are many of their constituents and how do they reconcile the high rate of divorce, philandering, open relationships and abuse of children against the hate they generate for the gay community? It's like talking to a wall, or in politics lately, a Republican Senator or Representative. No logic, no common sense, no sense of way or the highway!

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