Thursday, November 04, 2010

US mid-term election results impact lesbian and gay issues -

US mid-term election results impact lesbian and gay issues -

Why does it seem that we are such a large target for these fundamentalist, bible toting people that can't see the forest for the trees. They lead their sin-filled lives of wife beating, long, hate-filled divorces that drag their children through their own private hell. They bully others to display their own agenda above any other, setting an example for their kids, and yet they are the first to hold their frayed, King James Bible with it's yellow lined verses plucked out of context at ready to throw at anyone who disagrees with them to justify their position as the only one. History has a tendency of repeating itself and it was Jesus himself that turned his back on those who purported to be "Christians" and instead, called and preached to the oppressed, the homeless, and the weak.

Maybe when he comes again true justice will be handed out and some of those with smirks on their faces that seek to control the few will find themselves left behind thinking that maybe, just maybe they should have not taken that special interest money, not kicked that gay guy or girl when they were happiest, or taken to heart those yellow tagged verses along with the surrounding verses in context. Time alone will tell.

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