Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rash of Gay Suicides in Bachmann’s District: Her Homophobia at Fault? :: EDGE on the Net

It's one thing that some people are so afraid of homosexual people in general that they react with disgust, fear, or even emotional harassment, but Michele Bachmann has become the center post in her fight against gay people by using any means necessary to label, harass, bully, even push them to suicide.

Is this the quality of a Presidential candidate for the USA that we want in office? One that acts more like a psychotic, Nazi regime leader of past that murdered hundreds of thousands of people because they didn't fit into a group of zealots, and who now, in her run for the presidency (in this case hiding behind religion) is hell bent on killing so many of our young, vulnerable kids. Like so many psychopathic murderers who show no remorse for their murderous way, Bachmann has, is, and will pursue this issue at any cost to promote her beliefs on this country.

In my personal opinion I think she's mentally ill and should be put where she wants to put so many other who don't fit her definition of "human beings" reparative therapy for straight people in a mental institution with a loudspeaker blasting gay words, phrases of hate and threats of murder into her locked room. Her openly hate-filled attitude towards the gay community is so vindictive and hateful that should she ever become president of this country it would signal the breakdown of society in general and send us back into the religious crusades of history to kill and murder those that don't conform to her views. I guess that the most important question to ask is: what is the Republican party hoping to gain by allowing her to continue? There has to be some unearthly reason that she hasn't been squashed by this point in time!

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