Friday, August 12, 2011

Another student files case against Minnesota school district.

(maybe with new limits)
The Anoka-Hennepin School District in Michele Bachmann's state of Minnesota is once again being sued by a student, claiming sexual harassment. Last month, reported that five students planned to sue the district after a policy which limited staff discussions about gay issues left them at risk of bullying.

The same month we also reported that a total of nine young students have committed suicide in the area – and all of them are said to be linked to homophobic bullying. Of course Bachmann, in the GOP run for the presidential election, will not answer questions about the lack of intervention by her and the school district regarding facing one of the highest rates of teen suicide, in the same school, in the country.

Prior to this five students have joined together to sue the school district in an effort to force them to change present policies that allow pervasive bullying against LGBTQ students legal.

 “This is yet another incredibly distressing example of how the district’s shameful policy has hurt kids,” NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell told the Minnesota Independent.
“The district has to stop turning its back on children, and recognize that its illegal policy that singles out those who are LGBT is the reason that so many children in their schools continue to be tormented — verbally, physically, and emotionally — every day.”
This case, in addition to the murder trial of Brandon McInerny, accused of shooting to death Lawrence King in 2008 (see previous posts), is another potentially important lawsuit that will certainly have an effect on not only how schools handle bullying against LGBTQ students or those with disabilities, but will also have a direct effect on Bachmann's run for the presidency. As of late Bachmann has taken the high road by not answering questions about the issue and the legality of school policy that allows students to be bullied.

We'll be following this case closely as it develops.

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