Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachmann on Natural Disasters, Divine Intervention | News | The Advocate

Only a fanatical idiot like Michele Bachmann could attribute natural disasters to "Divine Intervention." It's funny, but I saw the exact same thing in 1973 when I was very young. I also lived in Las Vegas through many earthquakes and they weren't attributed to divine intervention then.

I guess natural disasters are really a readily available, political catapault for this stupid, ignorant fool. Maybe, just maybe, they might be due to global warming?  Of course, we all know that, according to the GOP, there is no such thing. Maybe Bachmann should be more worried that her hate-filled rhetoric is causing the highest teen suicide rate in the country in her own home state and not worry about hurricane Irene.

Where in the hell did she come from anyway...some alien craft?

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