Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Box Turtle Bulletin » El Paso Priest: Calling Gays “Putrid” Constitutes “True Pastoral Care for Homosexuals”

You might think that these so-called Moral Leaders (i.e. the Catholic Church), that in the history of our civilization have probably murdered more people for not conforming to their religion, would have a little more compassion. Apparently the bigotry still reigns in this church with its long history of pedophilia, murder and corruption.

This is not to slam those who truly believe in and practice Catholocism, but an overall view of the history of the Catholic Church. 

Just where do we get our "moral compass" from? Hate...bullying...politicians...and people like this priest  (who paid for an ad to say this, which was pulled from publication by the paper)? I think it's up to each individual to understand and believe in what they desire. No person or organization, such as the tax supported Catholic Church, has the right to push their rules and policies on everyone as this priest has habitually done. But, after all, the same rights afforded by the Constitution that allowed this "moral leader" to publish this article also allow me to say what I've said here. That's the great thing about our country, as long as we let our Constitution function as written.

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