Sunday, July 31, 2011

Judge Forces DOMA Defenders To Answer Two Very Easy Questions / Queerty

Seems that Senator Boehner was unable to justify his own ignorance and hate to a judge who asked just two simple questions concerning Boehner's defense of DOMA:
  1. “What, if anything, do you contend are the compelling justifications for section 3 of DOMA?”
  2. “What, if anything, do you assert are the legitimate government interests rationally advanced by section 3 of DOMA?”
Seems that Boehner stammered and stuttered, but couldn't answer the questions. This is the part where we get to say "I told you so!" This guy's only agenda is to further his and his cronies' political and personal agendas of hate and bigotry while padding their pockets with the money they've taken from the poor.

Wake up Americans..."we told you so!"

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