Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jurors can consider manslaughter in Larry King killing | News Blog from

The judge in the controversial murder trial of Brandon McIlverney, 17, accused of murdering Lawrence King in 2008 has ruled that the jury can also consider voluntary manslaughter charges in addition to 1st degree murder. The defense has rested in the case without putting McIlverney on the stand, maintaining that he was abused as a child and that King had made sexual advances to him, which are against his white supremacist family background and upbringing.

Of course this is the usual method of defense when it comes to hate crimes against gay teens in this case. Brandon shot Lawrence twice in the back of the head while classmates looked on. The prosecution is basing its case on premeditation and a hate crime act. It seems hard to comprehend how he could have had the forethought to bring a gun to school, sneaking it by their security, and then in cold blood, murder his classmate.

A guilty verdict in this case might have long-lasting implications when it come to gay related hate crimes.

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