Friday, August 26, 2011

Prosecutor: Teen plotted Larry King's death | from

I've been closely following this case due to it's high profile in California, and also because of the perception that it will, most likely, set several precedents when it comes to hate crimes against gays in several ways. Thursday the prosecution has finally pointed out the obvious reason that Brandon McIlverney should be found guilty of manslaughter and hate crimes in this case.

 From testimony of a psychologist who interviewed McIlverney, it has come out that he had intentions of murdering King  (in 2008) up to four (4) days previous to the actual murder. The real issue in this case is not that he murdered King, but that it was premeditated and also a hate crime. Nazi drawings were found in his room and he holds some White Supremacy views from his upbringing. Regardless of his upbringing though, he acted upon only one statement made to him, according to two witness. That was a statement made in passing by King in the hallway apparently days before the shooting.

This obviously is a hate crime that was committed, but how the jury will feel is most likely another story. The reason I think that this has broad implications concerns not only the murder and hate crime committed, but also how the jury will make McIlverney answer for the murder. If they find him guilty of only Involuntary Manslaughter, then it might stir up more anti-gay sentiments in school settings and set the precedent for school administrators to continue their lackadaisical attitude towards gay related bullying and hate crimes in the school setting.

Something has to change in our schools when it comes to administrators and teachers looking the other way when it comes to bullying and anti-gay acts and hopefully, this will become the impetus for that change.

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