Friday, August 26, 2011

Rep. Phillip Hinkle (R-IA) Accused of Hiring a Gay 18yo For Sex

Indian District 92 Representative Phillip Hinkle has once again shown the hypocrisy of a lot of politicians on both sides of the fence. The difference here is that not only is Hinkle a staunch anti-gay Republican, but also advertised and paid for a young, black guy to come to his place for sex.

Although the original ad for a "sugga daddy" was placed by the teen on Craigslist, Hinkle answered and offered to pay $140 for an encounter. When the teen found out the guy was a politician he tried to get out of the room but was held there by Hinkle, who offered money for him to keep quiet about the incident. Of course, as is usual with politicians, a coverup might be in the process and Hinkle denies any sex occurred.  After all, who's going to believe an unemployed, 18 year old black teenager in the white wold of politics and scandal?

Hopefully the truth will come out and Hinkle will retire from his office, another shamed and "outed" politician exposed for what he really is: a closeted, gay pedophile. Too bad for the GOP he is one of "them."

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