Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pentagon Will Certify DADT Repeal Wednesday, DOMA Continues Screwing Over Gay Soldiers Indefinitely

from: gayagenda.com

Wednesday signifies the end of DADT in the armed forces of the US. It will allow LGBT soldiers to finally serve openly in the armed forces with their comrades. As predicted by supporters, the pentagon has noted that there seem to be no changes in the general moral of servicemen.

HOWEVER, with DOMA still in effect the positive change in the elimination of DADT is negated by the severe restrictions enforced by DOMA. As we reported last week in this blog,  out soldiers are still denied the benefits of same-sex marriage while enlisted. THis means that partners cannot receive military benefits, cannot be told where their partner is or, if they are killed in action, cannot be told anything. DOMA ensures that hate and bigotry fostered by the anti-gay GOP agenda will continue to restrict young men from enlisting in the service.

Bottom line is that in all reality, NOTHING HAS CHANGED for the gay soldier other than that they can now be killed in action, out, alone, and hated!

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