Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Advisory Committee Recommends That Boys Get HPV Vaccine

Is this another thinly veiled attempt to make a statement that boys are the source of all AIDS infections and that somehow, forcing vaccination on them will eradicate the disease? It is the quiet passing of laws like this that have slowly removed the rights of parents to 'parent' their children as they see best. More government interference based upon non-factual reports made by some government committee. No wonder this country is headed for 3rd World status! Here is the very short, barely noticeable Associated Press item regarding the vaccination requirement being considered.

By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer 
ATLANTA (AP) - A government panel is recommending that young boys also get the controversial HPV shot. That's the vaccine now given to girls to prevent cervical cancer. Doctors argue that it could protect boys against genital warts and some kinds of cancers. But they also say vaccinating 11- and 12-year old boys could also help prevent the spread of the sexually transmitted virus to girls.

The HPV vaccine has been controversial since it was recommended for girls five years ago. And only about a third of adolescent girls have been fully vaccinated against the virus. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made the recommendation Tuesday. Federal health officials usually adopt what the panel says and asks doctors and patients to follow the recommendations.

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