Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Federal Court Tells Florida’s Governor Scott To Go Pee In His Own Cup. Law Found Unconstitutional | Addicting Info

Here's one that sort'a '"slipped" by most of us. Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Republican cronies have been stopped by Federal Court Judges from drug testing only those who apply for, or are on welfare assistance (known as TANF), citing that:
“Though the State speaks in generalities about the ‘public health risk, as well as the crime risk, associated with drugs’ being ‘beyond dispute,’ it provides no concrete evidence that those risks are any more present in TANF applicants than in the greater population,” Scriven wrote in her ruling against Florida’s government. “It is not enough to simply recite a governmental interest without any evidence of a concrete threat that would be mitigated through drug testing.”
Judge Scriven

A group calling itself “The People of Texas” has also been circulating a petition to present to Governor Perry upon his return to the state–said petition demanding drug testing of welfare recipients. It would be easy to say that there is a fox on the hen house as Republican governed states have generally placed the same laws up for consideration. Supposedly this will eliminate those people who are living off the taxpayers. A rather hypocritical statement considering the current OWS movement and how the richest of Americans and corporations (which are really people) don't pay any taxes.

A recent chart shows that of the Congressional Republican representatives, slightly over 50% of them are considered as included in the 1% that control the wealth in this country.

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