Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gay Right to Marry in Iowa in Jeopardy

A special election for a state Senate seat could threaten Iowa's status as the only Midwestern state where gay couples can marry. Republican Governor Terry Branstad's decision to appoint (R) Senator Swati Dandekar to the Iowa Utilities Board ensures Republicans will have a shot at sharing control of the Senate.  Now, what the appointment to the Utilities Board has to do with same-sex marriage is anyone's guess, and probably a good question to ask of Republican Senators.

Democrats have used their 26 to 24 seat majority to block a number of GOP efforts, most notably a proposed constitutional amendment to overturn Iowa's gay marriage law. Branstad and the Republican controlled House support beginning the multi-year process of referring a constitutional amendment to voters. A 25 to 25 split wouldn't ensure they would succeed in the next legislative session, but their odds would improve.  The Iowa Supreme Court has already ruled that banning same-sex marriage would violate the constitution. However, in the interest of deflecting the public from important issues, like jobs, housing foreclosures and other important issues, the Republicans are spending more taxpayer money in an attempt to overturn the law allowing same-sex marriage. Just another case of no logic and STUPID PEOPLE running amok with taxpayer money.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn says the November 8 election could be the state's most expensive legislative race.

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