Friday, October 07, 2011

Jurors Say Brandon McInerney Deserves Leniency Because Larry King was the Bully |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

WTF! Are these jurors on the medicinal (but illegal in the eyes of the Feds) marijuana? McInerney shoots King in the back of the head twice, in class, with all his classmates watching in horror and King is the bully? Where does this stuff come from? Forget that last question...we all know the answer, duh! Homophobic, closet cases with an anti-gay agenda. What was I thinking?

The L.A. Times adds:
One juror, identified only as Lisa S. because she did not want her whole name used, said many jurors came to believe that King was bullying McInerney by making unwanted sexual advances. "This wasn't about him being gay,'' she said. "This was about bullying. There was a ton of evidence that Larry was acting inappropriately with other kids at school, and they didn't do anything to stop him."

As for the new case, she added: "It was overcharged and an abuse of power, and I don't think a new jury will see it any different."
 I for one hope that a new jury will see through all this B***S*** and convict him for the murderer he is. Take out all the gay issues, etc., this was a pre-meditated murder, open and shut!

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