Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Taking the 'bull' out of anti-bullying programs

Linda Harvey - "Christian"
Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey  is still at her agenda of forcing her views on everyone. Now her claim is that sexual abuse if the reason people 'turn' gay. Such statements just prove that she is so far out of the mainstream and reality of the obvious...bullying kills kids. There are too many studies, too many professionals, and way too many families that are suffering the consequences of their child, now dead, being bullied to the point of suicide.
"Among recent tragic teen suicides, some were, or were thought to be, involved in homosexuality. But the picture is mostly murky, with activists making unsupported accusations while downplaying any role played by personal struggles, peer conflicts and/or family issues."  (Linda Harvey)

Linda Harvey clearly has a problem she needs to seek help for. She is a hate merchant who seeks to destroy people who are different from herself. She has zero compassion for and zero understanding of the LGBT community and what they deal with on a daily basis. People like Harvey should be the ones hiding who they really are. Her hatred, ignorance, and paranoia poisons the world and she should be ashamed to call herself a human being. I wonder what her childhood was like. It’s obvious she has some unresolved issues. Anyone who can hate like that clearly needs therapy and anger management classes.

from WorldNetDaily

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