Thursday, December 01, 2011

George Michael is Improving - Pisses off Christian Right-wingers by Living

Singer George Michael, hospitalized recently for a bout of pneumonia has done the impossible by not dying, as wished and ordered to by the "Christian" right-wingers. After his hospitalization and subsequent failing health, the "Christians for a Moral America took to Twitter on Saturday to urge followers to pray for his demise.

Yeah, yeah...we all know that the bible has taught us that anyone that doesn't meet the oh-so-strict words in the bible, and those of its always-right interpreters, has the duty to die, or at least be Twittered to death. Excused from this are those who wear clothes made from certain non-allowed materials (in the bible) and those who just don't seem to understand the difference between right and wrong as defined by these oh-so-loving bible thumpers.

Simply amazing that so many of us sinners are still alive at all after completely contradicting the letter-of-the law. Of course, we all know too well that the bible, morals, values, who lives, who should die, and of course, who should be gifted with such decisions is a little confusing lately in our "Christian" society with all the contradictions set by the fruit of the vine blowhards who have nothing better to do.

In follow-up tweets, @GodsWordIsLaw claimed Michael was HIV-positive, and blamed his "lifestyle" for his illness.

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