Sunday, November 11, 2012

Group Petitions Christian Magazine to Accept Pro-Equality Ad

From The Advocate online:

Faith in America ChildrenFaith in America, a pro-LGBT religious organization, is petitioning Christianity Today magazine to accept its ad encouraging parents to accept their LGBT children.

Christianity Today, a generally conservative publication, rejected the ad two weeks ago, Faith in America officials say on, where the petition is posted. The text of the ad says, “Do you have a child who is gay or lesbian? Do you fully embrace that child just as they are? Christ does. Faith and equality. Let’s end the harm from the misuse of religious teaching.” It is illustrated by the image of a cross filled with faces.

This decision is somewhat hypocritical...what else is that  they readily approve ads from anti-gay organizations that expressly oppose equality and civil rights. So why not print both sides? We know the answer to that one as well.

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