Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Republican Party Of Death | Addicting Info

Once again I go off the beaten path and mission to pass along this information to those who are still blindly going about their lives as if nothing was wrong.

I've repeatedly said this over and over, if we as a people do not get out and pay attention to the current politics of the GOP, you, your family, friends, everybody will soon be either reduced to noting more than slaves of the uber rich, the self-appointed kings of domination. We are headed down a dangerous road and evil path that leads to nothing we've ever seen before.

So here, once again, I repeat to everyone...WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE! The apathetic and those who don't want to get involved need to wake up. Occupy Wall Street is the only movement that has the opportunity to bring these people down short of another American Revolution. Get involved, read, get on the internet...but don't just blindly walk through the near future thinking that all is well.

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