Friday, October 29, 2010

London school claims to have beaten homophobic bullies -

London school claims to have beaten homophobic bullies -

This is the way it should be. As they note in the article, part of the problem in educating people about homosexuality (and maybe other minorities) is that many people, buy participating these education seminars may feel that they will be branded as "gay". I don't understand the fear associated with being gay anymore than having one arm or any other difference. Why is there such a problem dealing with someone who us "different" than you are? They don't affect you in any way; nothing will "rub off", if you pick on someone who is shorter than you will you somehow become shorter overnight? There is no logic with the stigma of these fears, hence, the bullying must fulfill some need within the bullies' mind of their own lack of self-worth, maybe the fact that they are dealing with feelings of sexuality. A recent study of young people (previous blog) showed that about 25% of teenagers aged 17-age 24 admitted that as bullies they were really gay themselves but couldn't deal with it. This article is a must read and an example for the US school system. I know that parents have a problem with teaching such a subject in schools, but what are they afraid of, are they more interested in their child or their child exposing them to new ideas and change?

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