Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Delegate: No Gays in National Guard

By Advocate.com Editors
December 21, 2010

And another GOP, homophobic, hate monger speaks out against gays serving in the military. Even after passage of the bill repealing the DADT policy of gays serving in the military, "Del. Bob Marshall of Prince William County, who may be interested U.S. senator Jim Webb's seat, plans to introduce legislation in the 2011 general assembly that would make the discriminatory policy the rule in the Virginia National Guard," according to Fredericksburg, Va.'s Free Lance-Star

”In a written statement, Marshall, a conservative Republican who was the sponsor of the bill that banned gay marriage in Virginia, said allowing openly gay people to serve in the military ‘will weaken military recruitment and retention, and will increase pressure for a military draft,'” the newspaper reported.
"...Marshall argues that Virginia may set policies for its own National Guard, regardless of the federal law."
Rob Marshall, Courtesy Advocate.com

Where in the heck did this guy come from, better yet, what stones do these people live under? And why is it mostly a Republican, in power, looking for a higher political seat that has to bring out this sort of anti-gay hate?

This goes way back to what I said about bullying in our schools and teen suicide. The responsibility lies with our parents and adults. It's hard to blame other teens when people like Mr. Marshall are setting the example for younger people that it's okay to discriminate against gay people to any extent necessary, using tax dollars when necessary, against the laws of the land, against the recent law passed by the Congress as signed by the President, in the name of self-righteousness, to further a personal agenda.

These people need to be stopped, and the Right to Freedom of Speech does not apply here when it comes to furthering your own personal agenda at the expense of the physical health of a minority population being beaten to death in dark parks, emotionally crushed by cyberbullying by big bullies, and those who end up taking their lives by suicide because of the abuse.

These people like Mr. Marshall seem to think that to lose a few teens by suicide is nothing compared to the poor people who would be emotionally scarred for life by having to serve beside an openly gay soldier. People like him should be ostracized equally in turn and criminally charged for hate crimes! Think that will ever happen....no! He's a Republican politician with lots of money and big lawyers in his GOP pocket. I'm sure at the first hint of such a suggestion our friend, Senator McCain, another hate filled, gay basher would be right there to have his picture taken with Mr. Marshall. and spew forth some more anti-gay rhetoric to the press, eager to push forth his agenda to repeal the DADT bill entirely as he has already promised.

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