Friday, November 19, 2010

Countries vote to accept execution of gays-U.N. Votes

Countries vote to accept execution of gays -

A few blogs ago I mentioned that I didn't think it would be long before we-gays as a minority-would be thrown back into the dark ages again in a repeat of the cyclical history of our world. Well, this MAJOR vote is another in a series of backward steps that will soon have closet doors quietly closing once again someday as the punishment for "choosing" to be gay will be death or imprisonment in a world of intolerance. The recent incidents like this and Willow Palin's unremorseful remarks on Facebook against "faggots" show that people of all ages can, and are all ready displaying and getting away with the bigotry and shallow disrespect for others that they themselves fight so hard to defend for themselves based upon self-righteousness. Maybe, as I said before, the Mayans were right about their 2012 calendar.

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