Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Good Example of Poor Example

This video from the Advocate.com of January 3, 2011 is just another example of why we have such a big problem with bullying and an even larger issue of teenage suicide in our society. It feels like there are two groups that "the bullies" of our society want to get rid of...chronically ill people through no health care and teens through bullying. How in the heck can we stop teenage suicide and depression when people like this guy have such antagonistic attitudes towards people that don't fit his/their idea of what should be "normal and acceptable." Yet they are the very first that tend to be hypocritical in the "fruits of their actions" by the violation of the very morals they seem to hold so high against others to conform to. Where is the accountability? Who is holding their feet to the fire and putting the pressure on them? How about turning the tables and start a little "Wikileaks" of our own on some of these people. How about "outing" their sins. There is a favorite saying of mine that I like to turn around...it works either way. 

People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...or... 
People that throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses. 

I think the latter would apply more for those that try to shove their "Christian values" down everyone's throats while moving about in the shadows of their own sins. 

NBC on Advocate.com Video
'Homosexuals Are Gay Predators'

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