Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Teenager..same school in two weeks....FaceBook Cyber Bullying

This follows a previous teen suicide at the same school on January 18th as a result of bullying. When will people take this seriously? When are teachers, school administrators, PARENTS!, even friends going to get involved and punish those involved? Doesn't the word accountability mean anything anymore? This issue is so obvious, out there, yet it's like the people who are in control and closest to the problem are doing little to nothing in most cases to help solve the problem. There are plenty of Causes, Non-profits, hot-lines, etc., but somebody close to these kids has to step forward and say something is wrong, especially in this case when the bullying was clearly posted on FaceBook and could have been removed and the people putting the comments on there held accountable! There is NO EXCUSE for this.

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