Monday, January 24, 2011

FCKH8 Takes Aim From a New Angle!

This article in today's Advocate has certainly caused some controversy in, surprisingly, the gay world more than the straight one. Seems that the use of the same language that gay-bashers use against the "homo" community has brought about a near 50/50 positive/negative reaction among the gay community. On the website FCKH8, supporters are selling products and making video promo's to raise funds to fight gay bashing and teen suicide

For example: (names removed)
Reply: "No (.....) it is you. Sorry. With bullying causing kids to kill themselves. With otherwise innocent gay folks getting crippled, maimed or killed. Will hate speech rising every day. It is way past the time to "be polite". We are at the same tipping point that the black community was during the black civil rights period. FCKH8 and get your gun permit."
Comment:  "Ya know, Can we as the gay community do something positive by keeping our clothes on and our speech respectful? I am so turned off by my own kind more every day with the in your face sex and crude behavior. We must have grace, humility and respect toward all in order to get our point across in the right manner. It's no wonder that the conservative right, religious right, GOP, etc. do not understand us and are so very threatened and fearful of the gay behavior that's being displayed. I used to think that something was wrong with me because I was bothered by my own gay community, but it's not me. Wake up and grow up. "
Here's the video from behind the scenes that is causing the stir:

Making of Video: FCKH8 "STR8 AGAINST H8" 2011 Calendar from on Vimeo.

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