Wednesday, February 09, 2011

One Young Track Stars 5 Step Solution to Homophobic Slurs

I came across this young man's site and was astounded at not only his writing skills, but his maturity and solution to the problem of being called gay and having to listen to the "usual" slurs thrown about by the bullies and homophobics as they try to bully and belittle those who are different and don't meet their idea of "normal." 

This is a quote from his site:
"'You wouldn’t want to get beaten by some random homo,' my coach said, trying to invoke some form of energy from a teammate. Sitting on the center of an indoor track, we loosened up before our open 400 race. After 3 days of workouts we had both grown tired. 3 nights of restless sleep led to my unusually hazy mindset which forced me to question what I heard; eventually I grew certain. Upon further clarification my mouth began to hang agape and a feeling of perpetual free fall loomed in my stomach..."more
Click on more to read his story and amazing solution on how to handle these situations and check some of his links in the right side column.

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