Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Amazing Ted Haggard Rises from the Ashes!

From the pages of the Advocate.com, and written by Andrew Harmon , comes this not-so-surprising story of yet another Bible toting, gay bashing, anti-gay pastor not only called a "gay massage service", that also happened to be his meth dealer...but who also brought along his WIFE to boot. As Andrew writes in his report:
She stared at her husband while he dug himself deeper before driving off. Four years later, in her memoir, Why I Stayed, she wrote of the moment: “As we approached the traffic light nearest our house, his confident expression melted, and his forehead dropped to the steering wheel. When he spoke again, his voice came out in tatters: ‘What have I just done?’ [Haggard asked.] ‘You just lied,’ I answered, my tone flat. ‘And everybody’s going to know it.’ ”
Everyone did, of course. And yet the man who, fairly or not, has come to embody the evangelical hypocrisy that gay people and their allies rail against daily — whose name comes up every time a man of the cloth or an antigay activist is accused of a same-sex dalliance — has returned to the pulpit.
In spite of the hipocrisy that has become all too familiar with men of the cloth and secretive gay solicitations, it is surprising the number of comments that support such people while they restart in the very same position, doing the very same thing. What is it that drives people in power to abuse that power, yet command others to do different, and in a hateful and abusive way?..more....

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