Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Coming Second Civil War in the United States: Will We be Enslaved by Corporate Governance? |

This is an extremely new, but inevitable that I've been thinking and talking about for some time now. I believe that this country, now led and owned by the GOP and backed by corporate greed and lobbyists, will soon become known as a Third World country and will be replaying history with a civil war. Americans' confidence in government is at an all-time low with an estimated 80-82% of the people dissatisfied with their congressional representatives and Washington politics. In some ways it might be the best thing that could happen, but in other ways, it could be the worst. We are already at war in more countries than we ever have in the past, we have a president that supports Republican ideologies behind the backs of the people who elected him believing that he would keep his promises to make changes in Washington politics that would be favorable to the American people, and now we are more in debt to China than ever before in history. There is little to feel good about in recent months except that LGBTQ rights have advanced somewhat. But I feel, as many do, that those rights will be short-lived with extreme right-wing "religious" zealots such as Michelle Bachmann in the running for president.

Our country is now governed by the rich one percent and is being led down a path of self-destruction that, as this article talks about, will eventually lead to a repeat of one of the worst times in our history...the bloody rebellion of the people against a well equipped, well funded group of corporations (a.k.a. our government).

All of this is like watching a well staged  play as it moves forward faster and faster towards an uncertain future. This is the legacy we intended to leave our children?

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