Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Record Number of House Cosponsors for DOMA Repeal Bill

[NY D-Rep. Nadler]
A House bill to repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act has now attracted 122 cosponsors—two more than the total number of sponsors from the previous congressional term, when the legislation was first introduced.
“The coalition working for LGBT rights in the congress and the nation as a whole is larger than ever before, and we gain new allies every day. And, just this year, New York State enacted marriage equality, hammering one more nail into the coffin of bigotry and discrimination against gays and lesbians. Dumping DOMA is simply not a question of if but when,” Nadler said.
D-Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski has said that she would sign onto the bill after the LGBT groups Freedom to Marry, Courage Campaign, and Equality Maryland delivered 3,000 constituent signatures in favor of the legislation to the Democratic senator’s district office in Baltimore.

It's nice to know that some Senators are listening to their constituents instead of pocketing lobbyist and special interest money for voting against the people who put them in office. As one comment noted, it's time for LGBTQ adults to take action and become involved in the movement in this country to gain equality and equal rights for our community. Too many are quick to comment but not follow with action. Get involved with your time, financially support gay equality groups that are effectively fighting for rights on our behalf, blog, spread the word however you can.

As several other comments noted, there is no outspoken, up-front leader in this country taking charge of this movement for equality like Gov. Cuomo did in New York state. We need a leader to effectively excite and gather the groups and people together into one, single agenda-EQUAL RIGHTS for LGBTQ people!

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