Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Acceptance Project

I posted this video some time ago, but feel that's important to keep it visible and am re-posting it.

Helping diverse families understand how to support their LGBT children takes resources that touch the heart – like the sample video you see on this page. We are working to produce a series of 8 of these short documentary videos that show the journey from struggle to support of ethnically and religiously diverse families with LGBT children. These videos are based on our years of research and relationships with diverse LGBT youth and their families. Look closely, read our family education materials and research publications. This video – and the others we want to make – includes some of the family accepting and rejecting behaviors that we have studied. Our research shows for the first time how these family accepting and rejecting behaviors affect an LGBT young person’s health and mental health, including risk for suicide, substance abuse, HIV, self-esteem, etc.. These attitudes and behaviors also affect the whole family. We use these videos in our work to educate and support diverse families with LGBT children. We also use them to train health and mental health providers and to help providers understand the critical role of families in supporting their LGBT children.

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