Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anti-gay bullying — Does silence equal death? | Daily Record |

This article is a little one-sided in its idea that bullying in the schools is a unresolved issue in that schools across the country have no idea as to how to deal with bullying in school. I disagree, and in fact, have provided resources on this blog as to established programs that are available for not only schools in general, but very specific for students and administrators alike.

One of the longest and most in-depth programs is several years old and actually was established before bullying became such an issue. Dr. Phil McGraw's son, Jay McGraw,  created a school program meant to address bullying on levels and was instrumental in getting it into many schools across the country. He also has written a book on the subject. There are also many other in-school programs that provide sensitivity training for teacher and students in the form of assemblies, group discussions and one-on-one role playing.

Click on our Resources Page for more information and other programs.

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