Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dumbing It Down: The Pursuit of Intellectual Mediocrity in America

Finally, somebody dare say something about the apathy and ignorance so prevalent today, not only in our educational system, but with the adult population - the ones that vote! Having said this so many times before in previous postings, it is becoming so clear that the "Dumbing Down of America" is real and so obvious that, ironically, most people don't even see it.

Just take a look at the slogans of the bunch of idiots running on the GOP ticket - "9-9-9", use of the word "simple" repeatedly - and one that really gets me going..."Their going to...", the blatant misuse of words and contractions. Of course it's easy to make a mistake on the keyboard now and then, but in the constant monitoring of comments about differing issues on the social network it is hard to believe that such a high percentage of Americans can write even the basic of sentences.

The fundamental ability to speak and write concisely is basic to our civilization and also our ability to understand the issues and make informed decisions about them. The best example of this is the continued use of simple slogans and phrases by the current slew of candidates, aimed at the general public as if we were a bunch of morons and couldn't understand complex explanations of a candidates platform. However, we are exactly where they want us to be...stupid, apathetic and too lazy to try to understand. In essence, believe me and what I'm saying ...everything I tell you is the truth. So we believe, we come back with comments on social sites that are way off-track, and we sit back in our chairs and wait for someone else to make it better.

The Republican agenda of education cuts over the years has done its job of making the general public in this country stupid, ignorant, and unable to communicate in an effective manner so as to intelligently discuss the merits of so many of the concepts and platforms of these candidates.

Wake up people! This coming election is possibly the most important election of any since the Great Depression. People who are intending to take the time to vote need to understand what these candidates stand for and how their policies and platforms are going to affect each of us in the future. Now is not the time for cutting education, but the time for investing in it. Something the current roster of idiots running on the GOP hangman's platform know and don't want us to know.

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