Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anti-Gay Teacher’s Students Allege Classroom Homophobia :: EDGE Philadelphia

A NJ teacher posted anti-gay rhetoric on her  FaceBook page in possible violation of school policy, yet to be decided. We know how that's going to turn out. But what's worse is that she is teaching and preaching in a public classroom that "being gay is a 'sin' that 'breeds like cancer', ..." Over a hundred comments have been posted supporting and criticizing her for crossing the line. Almost every one of them tries to defend their position in one way or another. The problem is that the whole issue was missed here; these students are at the stage in their lives when they are most impressionable, need the most love and attention, and need the support of parents, teachers and other people of influence.

For this teacher to "preach" her own "Christian" ideology in a classroom or online is not Freedom of Speech but a clear form of hate and violation of the Constitution regarding separation of Church and State. She should be dismissed from her position immediately. These same so-called teachers are contributing to the death of hundreds of teenagers, gay and straight, who are struggling with a lot of issues, but haven't developed mentally enough to know how to sort out the right and wrong of these people and their "teachings."

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