Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Bill Being Considered In Congress Could Shut Down Social Media Sites Crucial To ‘Occupy’ Protests | Addicting Info

This is a little "off-topic" for me, but so important that it needs to be passed on so Americans will smarten up/wake up/ stop the apathy/ get involved in what's going on. Our self-appointed ruling class (aka Republicans, Wall Street, corporate thugs) are quickly attempting to shut down the internet in response to the OWS movement and severely restrict public access to information while making it illegal and a felony when you do.

This is a step too far towards the totalitarian government that we almost have now. Sign the petition, call your senator(s), become active in what's going on now before it's too late and you have no voice, no vote, no freedoms, and no money because the 1% have it all.

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