Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street's Battle Against American-Style Authoritarianism

After reading the article several times, I think that, in general speak, the author is on target. I believe that over many years, even before Reagonomics pulled the rug out from under us without the people realizing it, we have been fed a stream of capitalistic 'logic' that has led us, much like the sheep mentioned, into a false sense that all is well. 

Meanwhile our individual freedoms were gradually replaced by the rules of the ruling class with the thought that we shouldn't question such changes as everything we do is necessary for 'our protection', and that we should not question this self-authorized authority. When you take a look at the policies of the last 4-5 administrations you can see the pattern of 'dumbing-down' of America by the false media-controlled "truths" shoved down the throats of the people by the ruling class. Unable to distinguish between real and fake because of lack of education, control of information, and upper class "secrets", we have been slowly reduced to the point of being that herd of sheep, ready to accept anything told to us. 

The OWS movement is something that has sprung out of the realization that individual freedom no longer exists, the Constitution can be applied as necessary by those who rule against those who don't understand, and that the current political system is evidence that the system is not only broken, but is the cause. So much of this is evidenced daily by the reaction of the police in each state to the OWS movement (e.g. using violence against peaceful protesting, the Republicans motto - "NO" - to anything involving social and financial reform), the reaction of the political machine as it changes reasoning and direction daily according to the corruption of power and the controlling hand of the super rich, and the disassociation of thought in so many comments on so many blogs and social networks left by people of a generation that were fed capitalistic dreams while their freedoms and bank accounts were being slowly, patiently drawn down behind their backs. The next generation seems to be unwilling to accept this, thankfully, and is now fighting against this broken system, but as the article mentions, is not forging ahead with a slogan or single sign, but as a "movement" that will hopefully change the entire system and bring back the capability, and ability, for a free-thinking people to bring socialism and capitalism together to function for the good of all. 

That's my opinion only...agree or disagree, but only time is going to tell, and most of us that are commenting seem to be from the baby boomer generation. One I suspect won't be around long enough to see the final outcome of this new change. History does have a tendency to repeat itself.

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