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Case Closed: Jamey Rodemeyer's Bullies Not Charged | News | The Advocate

While the Brandon McInerney case ended up with some justice in the cold-blooded murder of a young student in school, this case serves to emphasize the point that there still exists injustice, hate and lack of accountability on the part of teachers, administrators, police and parents in educating our children when it comes to right and wrong.

You can read the sad article I refer to here, but what I wanted to post out there were some of the comments made following this post on Facebook.

Michelle  H.
Bullying has always exsisted and will continue to exsist because we don't teach our children value for others and the dignity that we share in being human. All we teach is Competion, Ambition and Survival of the fitest. Respect is the basis of all relationships. Human dignity is the most important thing we can teach children, not us vs them. Success is possible in greater numbers when we don't crush each other in a blind desperate reach for a higher social status.
 Jim C.
Michelle Calienes Harvelle So well said! Our society has embraced a mind set of Competition: Winners & Losers, the strong deserve to dominate the weak, the poor deserve to suffer for not being mean enough, aggresive enough, forceful enough to bully "success" out of the hands of others. We have come to merciless and it's bad for everyone. Only through collaboration does our species build anything at all - from friendships, to neighbors to nations. Each of us is a valuable organ in the body of humanity. The Bullies must be redeemed and the Bullied protected. Bullying, Domination, Oppression etc. are always wrong. Always. That includes all victims - no exceptions not even gay men and transgendered women. NO exceptions set aside for wanton cruelty. Never.
There are other avenues for the family. gives parents the right to ask for a federal investigation from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and I hope they do. 
This particular one disturbed me and I had to comment, along with others
Jackson E. · Top Commenter
or wait...wait until the spotlight is off and no one is paying attention anymore and then...accidents happen.

Maybe the children that taunted poor Jaime will be hit and killed in a hit-n-run "accident" or maybe they were shot and killed randomly or stabbed in a crowded area. Accidents happen all the time. It's just about time they started happening to these bullies. 
Deanne C. · Top Commenter ·

Jackson Euler, I so disagree with you on this one. I would never wish the hate, beatings or rape that I or any one else had has to endure on anyone, not even those that hate. I do however understand that equality comes by being the example, and by treating everyone else as you believe you should be treated. To do what you are saying makes one no different than those that drove Jamie to his suicide. To insure that the world knows of the injustices that occur every day in LGBT lives and to be a just person despite them is the only way to gain true equality for all Americans. We must lead our country by example.
Jackson E. · Top Commenter
Deanne Cooley Thanks for your post, Deanne. I hope you are right but I still disagree with you. A few "mysterious" beatings or "accidents" and just watch how these attacks stop. If it were my kid, I would be at the shooting range right now, training for the day that I could take their lives as they took my child. Maybe 5 years, maybe 10 years, maybe 25 years but justice would be done.
Good luck to you.
And, my response...
Barry Mattison · Jackson Euler : I don't know if you realize it, but in a way, your statement is the statement of a bully and the theme of a gang. Taking another life for a life is 'Old Testament" and not the answer to violence. God is about love, not violence and retribution. In as much as I write and blog daily about this issue in the hopes of ending it, I would never advocate violence against violence. It takes a strong stand by a lot of people to put an end to something deemed as wrong and shameful as bullying. I'll ride the buses, stand in the lines, write, fight peacefully for change, but I won't hurt another, especially children who are essentially a copy of their home, family and a sick society's environment. Pu the blame where it makes the most sense and go after changing them

Then this final jerk chimes part ;

Chris Clowes : It is stupid to think that this is just an online thing. Think before you speak, especially stupidly Chriso. If you are unable to have control over or a healthy communication with your children then do not have children at all. It is your effing responsibility to know what is going on in their lives, otherwise don't have children like many lesbians choose to as they do not like children to begin with but that's another discussion.
Sam Abbott ·
Chris Clowes : You toned it down and lost your temper again. Typical angry lesbian. I feel badly for your children if you have some or plan to. Don't spew that angry BS onto them or get angrier and bark louder when someone makes you swallow your own BS. Got it?

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