Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UPDATE: Brandon McInerney finally jailed after pleading guilty

McInerney                                          King
It will never bring Lawrence back, or lighten the pain of his family, but justice has at least been served in part with the jailing of Brandon McInerney for the murder of Lawrence King in 2008, in the classroom, in front of other students.

Last month a jury ended up with a mistrial due to the charge of this being a hate crime added to the murder charges. Even though over 100 witnesses testified in the trial, they still couldn't come up with a decision due to the lousy definition of what constitutes a hate crime. The clear and precise definition of what constitutes a hate crime is one issue that I've said this country needs to adopt nationwide. And further, it should be automatically applied by prosecuting attorneys and police when it meets the criteria until such time as it can be proven otherwise.

The reason this trial ended up on a mistrial was only due to the definition of hate crime. Now McInerney is facing a conviction of 21 years in jail for second-degree murder in addition to several other charges. Justice may have been served, but I doubt it and so don't some of the jurors who have spoken out concerning this case.

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