Friday, December 09, 2011

The "War on Christmas"

Here's a kicker! When we don't have any other pressing social or economic issues to deal with it's time to really get down and stop all this idiotic worship about Christmas, our children, our history, our heritage. Of course, the Bible goes along with supporting such a movement as it is clearly written in the "Christian/Other", correct version that although we should follow THEIR book to the letter, Jesus Christ was just a person, nothing to do with our salvation, the teaching of the poor people's Christ, and definitely not worthy of any sort of recognition such as celebrating his birth day - as established by man - on Christmas. So what if it has all the trappings of material things and little to do with the Bible, it does give millions of children around the world something to believe in, something they can share with their family and revel in the joy of seeing the faces of kids lighting up as they explore presents under the tree.

Gosh how some people hate to see hope and excitement with children. After all, Newt thinks they should be put back to work anyway in child labor camps and business to further deplete the surplus population and make more money for him.

Forgive me for thinking that children are important, to be cherished and loved. How stupid of me.

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